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321 Run Lessons

4 Lessons

We are here to provide the prescription for  faster, pain free running. Whether you have been running for years, are recovering from an injury or you are ready to get into the sport, you will benefit from this FREE 3 week program.

321 Run Drills | Week 1

5 Lessons

We have attached a video to explain each of the weeks drills. Do them throughout the week, each day if possible, but at minimum 3-4 times a week. 

You need to build muscle memory, so these drills will seem awkward at first. Work through it and ask questions at the end of the lessons if you need clarity.

321 Run Skills | Week 2

1 Lessons

Woo hoo!! You made it to Week Two!

You will see that the weeks build on each other. So work through the week one drills and then begin to build on your week two drills.

Just like week one - we want you to do these drills daily. They shouldn't take much time, but if you can't fit it in, please try to do the drills 3-4 times to build strength, elasticity, and muscle memory.

321 Run Curb Jumps | Week 3

1 Lessons

Welcome to Week Three!

Warm up with the round of week 1 and build strength.

When you're done with this week, we hope you'll join us in our membership site and our facebook group.


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